Roll up, roll up!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Masters Of War

On Friday 7th July, the UN world conference on small arms collapsed without agreement, despite the majority of governments, including the European Union, and many African and Latin American governments, backing tougher controls on the international trade in small arms and light weapons.

The conference collapsed after a small number of states, most prominently the United States, blocked key issues so consistently that no agreement was possible.

During the conference, moves to agree global controls on the small arms trade were also blocked by Cuba, India, Iran, Israel and Pakistan.

It is estimated that up to 12,000 people would have been killed by small arms during the two-week conference.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Proportional Response

Number of Hezbollah rockets fired at Israel today:


Number of targets bombed by Israeli war planes today:


Numbers killed since fighting began 10 days ago between Israel and Lebanon:

330+ Lebanese
34 Israelis

Monday, July 03, 2006

Cheap Tele

There are approximately 15 dedicated quiz channels on UK digital TV.

ITV Play is ITV's first ever channel without commercials - revenue comes from viewers' calls and text messages.

The network believes this channel will generate a £20 million profit in its first year.

According to The Times, Quizmania earned ITV over £1.2million during its first two weeks of transmission on ITV1.

Quiz channels are estimated to generate around 20,000 calls each day.

With an average call costing at-least 60p per minute, this theoretically generates a bare minimum of £12,000 a day.