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Friday, November 13, 2009

Hydra's Head

According to the transcripts released, the self-proclaimed head of al-Qaeda's military committee, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who faces charges in connection with the 11 September 2001 attacks in the US, has admitted to:

*The organisation, planning, follow-up and execution of the 9/11 operation.
*Responsibility for the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center in New York, the bombing of nightclubs in Bali in 2002 and a Kenyan hotel in the same year.
*Responsibility for the failed attempt by the so-called shoe bomber, Richard Reid, to bring down an American plane.
*Plots to attack Heathrow Airport, Canary Wharf and Big Ben in London, to hit targets in Israel, and to blow up the Panama Canal.
*A plot to hit towers in the US cities of Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago and the Empire State Building in New York, and to attack US nuclear power stations.
*Plots to assassinate the late Pope John Paul II and former US President Bill Clinton.
*The beheading of kidnapped US journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002.

However some evidence may be inadmissable during a civilian trial, because of how it was gathered. He was waterboarded 183 times in 2003.

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