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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just About The Best Advertisting Campaign On TV Right Now

Natural Confectionary Co.
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Featuring the voice of Matt Berry.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Where The Money Is

Sovereign Wealth Funds are typically created when governments have budgetary surpluses and have little or no international debt. This excess liquidity is not always possible or desirable to hold, or to channel into consumption immediately.

To reduce the volatility of government revenues, counter the boom-bust cycles' adverse effect on government spending; and the national economy, or build up savings for future generations; Sovereign Wealth Funds may be created.

A Sovereign Wealth Fund is a state-owned investment fund, composed of financial assets such as stocks, bonds, property, precious metals or other financial instruments. Sovereign wealth funds have gained world-wide exposure recently, by investing in several Wall Street financial firms including Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch. These firms needed a cash infusion due to losses resulting from the credit crunch.

Sovereign Funds By Asset Size:

United Arab Emirates: $875bn
Norway: $380bn
Singapore: $330bn
Saudi Arabia: $300bn
Kuwait: $250bn
China: $200bn
Libya: $50bn
Qatar: $50bn
Algeria: $42.6bn

The BBC's Money Programme: Who Is Buying Up Britain?